F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Carlos Aguirre (Lenski) became the  hero of the evening. He has  in all registers an attractive and well-focused lyric tenor of slightly metallic timbre and sonorous level which can express the constitution of the unhappy lover at its best. In addition, the tall Mexican is a handsome, eloquent performer. He will undoubtedly make his way. His aria became the impressive peak of performance”                                                                                                               Der neue merke.

“Vocally shines Aguirre as Don José, his tenor is voluminous and multifaceted, of beautiful timbre and purity. He pulls his tenor equivalently to the staging, powerful and energetic to even violently”

“It is no wonder that the Tambourmajor breaks women's hearts because of the seducting singing and his good looks. In Carlos Aguirre, he (the director) found the ideal cast”

  Das Opernglas.